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Ready to offer your clients expert Medicare guidance and support? Contact me today to learn more about how we can partner together. Our team will reach out to your clients within 24 hours of receiving their information, and we'll start working on their project right away. With our combined expertise, your clients will receive the best possible Medicare coverage and support. Don't wait - let's get started today!

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Medicare Advantage - Plan C Explained


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Medicare Explained

Medicare Explained

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Simplified Medicare Process:

Medicare can be a complex and overwhelming topic for many individuals. By partnering with me, referral partners can offer their clients a simplified Medicare process that removes the stress and confusion often associated with healthcare decisions.

Expertise and Knowledge:

With years of experience as a Medicare agent and ongoing education in the field, I am well-equipped to help clients navigate the Medicare system and find the best options available. Referral partners can trust that their clients will receive expert advice and guidance from me.

Dedicated Advocacy Department:

My agency has a dedicated advocacy department that is committed to supporting and retaining clients. Referral partners can be assured that their clients will receive ongoing support and guidance from my team, even after enrollment.

Competitive Pricing and Plans:

As an independent agent, I have access to a wide range of Medicare plans and pricing options. This allows me to find the most competitive pricing and plans for my clients, which can help them save money on their healthcare costs.

Positive Client Reviews:

Many referral partners have already seen the benefits of working with me, as evidenced by our positive client reviews. My agency has a proven track record of delivering high-quality service and support to our clients, which can help build trust and confidence among referral partners.

Increased Client Satisfaction:

By partnering with me, referral partners can help their clients make informed healthcare decisions and achieve greater satisfaction with their Medicare coverage. This can lead to increased loyalty and retention among their clients, which can benefit their business in the long run.

Ready to offer your clients expert Medicare guidance and support? Contact me today to learn more about how we can partner together. Our team will reach out to your clients within 24 hours of receiving their information, and we'll start working on their project right away. Don't wait - let's get started today!

What we have noticed

We at CMA Financial Group are a trusted advisor to both Life Insurance producers and independent agents who understand that personal attention is essential for all financial and insurance needs.

What we have noticed the problem to be is that with so many products and so much information out there people have been overwhelmed to the point that they don't know what to do.

We help companies with as few as five employees find affordable health insurance and retirement plans.

We are independent of the insurance providers we work closely with, allowing us to walk you through the process and give unbiased advice about what plans will work best for you.

We believe in stress free health care and will be there to answer all of your questions.

Have you Heard of RMD?

As a retiree, you may have heard of the term Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) before. It refers to the minimum amount you must withdraw from your retirement accounts, such as 401(k)s and IRAs, once you reach the age of between 73-75. Failure to take the RMD could result in a hefty tax penalty, so it's crucial to know what you're dealing with.

This event is specifically designed for You!

We know that you care about your clients financial plans.

We like to help with the long term plan or the Macro view of their future plans.

A New Generation of Retirement

Perhaps you have clients that are nearing retirement and are in need of a financial professional to help them transition. Maybe they have a financial representative/family friend and not so happy with how they are handling things. Or, maybe you are just looking for a second opinion.

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